We’re a community of creatives, strategists and experts who produce what we believe in.  We’ve been honored to gain experience from some of the world’s most recognized brands in entertainment, media, technology and publishing.  We’re bringing big-brand wisdom to the strategies that will fuel growth behind your dream.  

Jenney Korasick

CEO, Founder & Chief Strategist

“I love the WOW moment....when we deliver something that truly changes the way a client thinks about their business...the pivotal moment they can see the direction, the strategy, the light, the goal attained.  Part of that is loving what we do to get them there and putting our passion into their business, in every crack and corner.”

Emily Hertlein

Senior Director of Brand + Client Strategy

“They say you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, if that’s the case, based off of the Collective Media team, I’d say I’m golden. I love helping clients put all the pieces of their puzzle together. What’s missing that’s keeping them from leveling up? Let’s help them pinpoint it, solve it and then determine the next steps they need to take for increased success.”

Alison Coen

Senior Director of Production + Creative Strategy

“I love working in a space in which everyone is creative and strategic. It’s really special when your work makes you feel alive and feeds your soul.”

Sofia Perry

Business Development + Brand Partnership Manager

"The most satisfying feeling is watching the fruits of your labor manifest into the success of something greater. When the value is tangible and measurable, that's when all the hard work seems worth it and the challenge even more thrilling. Working with this spectacular group of women just makes those successes all the sweeter."